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Our Vision - 

Empower children’s knowledge about food, nutrition, and science behind cooking while exploring global cuisines and having fun.


Why Teach Cooking? 


When Children cook foods for themselves -

  • —They learn to make healthy food choices which leads to the healthy lifestyle.

  • —Understands the critical role nutrition plays in physical and emotional health.

  • —Decreased prevalence of childhood obesity, chronic diseases and unhealthy behavior such as eating disorders

  • —Have increase Self- Esteem, Independence, Social Skills, Success.

In our club

  • Learning becomes fun as kids whisk flavors of culture, blend nutritious food, simmer science, and taste fun.

  • —Learn Kitchen Safety, Food Safety, and necessary Culinary Skills

  • —Explore and learn to like New Healthy Foods

  • —Develop new Recipes and MyPlate for all meals

  • —Expand taste buds and knowledge of Multi-Culture

  • —Boost Self- Esteem, Social Skills, Success, Teamwork

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