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Nutrition Counseling

Today, people are more conscious than ever about their weight and their food choices. However, many aren’t quite sure how to make healthy eating fit with their tastes and way of life. Plus, with so much conflicting information about food, nutrients, supplements, fad diets, it’s easy to feel confused about what to do.

We at Diets and Life do not believe in "one size fits all" when it comes to nutrition. Eating is very personal and needs to be individualized and tailored to fit your needs, your schedule, your preferences, and your goals. Diets and Life is here to help you and your whole family develop a positive relationship with food and create happy memories in the kitchen. Our goal is to offer you services that help you develop a healthy attitude about food. We strive to help you learn how to plan, prepare, and provide a well-rounded diet for yourself and your family.

To help achieve your goals, we have various packages.  Purchasing a package is the most effective and economical option for long-term results. The accountability, consistent contact, and ongoing support will lead to successful behavior change. We offer different packages to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking to improve the eating habits of your whole family, your children, your spouse/partner, or just yourself, we have a package to meet your needs.


We offer evidence based and individualized medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and nutrition coaching via telehealth services and or face to face services. Patients can receive nutrition therapy and/or coaching from the comfort and privacy of their own home through our unique virtual telehealth services using face to face video conferencing or telephone consults depending on the patient's preferences. 

Customized Meal Plans

Meal plans customized for you to fit your lifestyle,food preferences and family needs. Includes - all 3 meals 3 snacks and grocery shopping list.


Initial Consultation

50 minute 1-on-1 session to discuss your goals and develop a personalized plan. Not sure where to start with eating healthy ? Curious about what a dietitian can do for you? Not quite ready to make a commitment? Book this initial consultation to learn more and get a feel for how I work. 


1 Month Plan

Includes initial consultation of 50 minutes, weekly nutrition, and behavior counseling 30 minutes each+ unlimited emailing/messaging, food and metrics tracking.


3 Month Plan

Includes 50 minutes of initial consultation, weekly follow up nutrition, and behavior counseling sessions 30 minutes each + unlimited messaging, food and metrics tracking.

$199/ Month

6 Month Plan

Includes initial consultation and weekly nutrition, and behavior counseling sessions each 30 minutes + unlimited messaging, food and metrics tracking.


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Payment Policy
  • Full payment is required in advance of all appointments. Your scheduled appointment time is not confirmed until payment has been received.

  • Diets and Life does not accept insurance or file insurance claims. If you would like to submit a request for reimbursement from your insurance company, an itemized receipt will be provided to you upon request.

  • Filing insurance claims and seeking insurance reimbursement for services provided is entirely up to the client for whom services were provided.

My services are available virtually (via phone, email, and video chat) or in person (Bay Area, CA).

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