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Food Explorers After School Club

Hunting for a substantial and productive activity for your child to do after school?

See why the Founder & Head Of School- BASIS Independent, Fremont says this is the program for you!

Join our after-school cooking classes! Kids will learn recipes from different cultures, explore new foods and learn about healthy eating, thus encouraging life-long skills.

In this fun after-school club, kids from ages 5-12 will learn essential cooking skills via a fun and educational curriculum. They will work alongside their friends and classmates, learning everything from food and kitchen safety, proper food handling, basic culinary and baking techniques, presentation and much more!

The Food Explorers Club cooking classes will include:

Science behind Food

Ex: Curiosity of why bananas, avocados and apples turn black.

Science of Cooking

Ex: Find out what makes a pickle a pickle, why are pickles found in so many cultures.

Nutritional Components of Food

What are essential nutrients present in food and their roles in our body.

Food and Culture

Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, cultures differ from
region to region. Let us explore them and their history.

Culinary Skills

Ex: How to use a knife, how to knead dough, and much more.

These make FEC after-school clubs unique for your children:

Nutrition Education

Fun, engaging and educational food-related topics for
10-15 minutes at the beginning of each session.

Culinary Skills

Each child will get hands-on experience in preparing and
practicing each cooking technique taught in class.

Celebrating Food

Encouraging children to discover that new foods are
delicious and experiencing them in diverse ways is fun.



We are excited to encourage our little budding chefs to create dishes out of new foods, increase their knowledge, and establish positive health behavior and
attitudes about what they eat.

Schools Partnered With Food Explorers Club

I would like to recommend Purvi Shah’s Food Explorer’s Club for your school or organization. FEC has been a part of the MCS community from August 2017.

FEC has been a blessing to the Milpitas Christian School community. Our students enjoy her lessons and our parents appreciate the skills and knowledge she is passing along to our
students. The FEC classes are informative and engaging, Purvi works very hard to bring new foods and recipes every week. She engages with the students very well, she is patient, but firm with the students. Her class has received excellent reviews in the satisfaction surveys sent to participating families, and our community is asking that we continue to have FEC as a part of our after school activities.

Purvi responds to communication in a timely manner and is very proactive in seeking feedback from our parents and staff. I would recommend her program to any school or program seeking to expand their arts and science programs, as FEC neatly balance between the two.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss the program further.

John Lane
Director of Extended Care
Milpitas Christian School

"Food Explorer’s Club, a.k.a. Cooking Club, here at our school has been such a terrific value-add to our ever-growing list of after-school programs.


The club advisor, Ms. Purvi Shah, is a breeze to work with and has figured out how to combine healthful cooking with kid-friendly instruction. She brings brilliant recipes coupled with a kid-centric approach which makes for a successful program that parents enjoy almost as much as the students.


BASIS Independent Fremont is eager to offer this program’s continuation courses in the future so that our student body’s appreciation for nutritious food continues to grow."


-Ashley, Program Manager at BASIS Independent Fremont

"Celine really enjoys the class. She will always come home and tell me what she did and what she put into her food. She also makes sure she kept some for us to try it at home (except the cupcake LOL). Thank you for the great experience."

-Parent at Milpitas Christian School, Milpitas

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