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Food Explorers Club - Power Bites

As a part of our Food Explorers Club Class, kids made Power Bites, an amazing energy loaded snack filed with all the goodies. The best part of this dish was that kids got to play around with ingredients of their choice and made it in the form of a granola bar (Needs Refrigeration for 2 hours). Some kids really enjoyed dirtying their hands while making the small ball size bites.

Culinary Skills- As part of this class, we introduced kids to following simple recipe of making Energy bites/power bites. Reading ingredients and following directions is a basic skill for cooking independently and all the kids did a fantastic job with this. The kids used measuring cups, spoons and used math skills to add up the ingredients to make the power bites. Finally, the kids learnt how to operate toaster oven for roasting and baking the power bites.

Nutrition Education- During this class, Kids learnt about one of the main Food Groups- Grain, a powerful ingredient that provides energy. They learnt the 2 different types of grains- Whole grains and Refined grains, the difference between whole grains and refined grains along with some examples. Kids were encouraged to make half of their grains as Whole grains, and how to identify whole grain options of breads, pasta and rice, sold in the grocery stores. Also, discussed common whole grains used in different parts of the world – Asia, Africa, Middle east, Latin America. We also spent time learning the benefits of Chia Seeds and different ways to incorporate them in our foods.

Working as Team- Tips and Tricks

All kids in FEC have different food preferences. Some kids are little hesitant to try certain foods. They insist on skipping foods they believe they don’t like. As part of the education, I encourage them by showing how their friends are enjoying those foods and they should give it a try by taking a few bites (This often times does the trick). Kid’s healthy food choices are based on their family’s food choices. Kids are influenced by the food choices offered at home and school. Kids are more willing to eat healthy food when its served as a meal eaten together as family. So, I encourage all parents to be the change you want to see in your kids. Adapting healthy food choice is a process and it takes lot of time and patience. Introduce Whole grains slowly in their diet by adding brown rice, and or quinoa with white rice in the beginning. Mix whole grain pasta (available in the market) with white pasta. Sweeten the whole grain cereals, such as oatmeal, with more fruits such as berries, bananas and mixed dried fruits.

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