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Food Explorers Club - Veg Rolls

As part of our Food Explorers’ Club Class, the kids made Vegetable Roll-Ups.

Culinary Skills - Kids learnt how to peel, grate and chop with real knifes. They also learnt how to use kitchen scissors to cut fresh vegetables. With the chopped vegetables, they rolled them into rolls. We also made dip with

Nutrition Education- Kids learnt all about Food Groups and we spoke about the foods they used in the class in association with the respective groups. We discussed the suggested amount of servings kids they should consume and lastly, what are the five Vegetable Subgroups: Beans and Peas, Dark Green, Red and Orange, Starchy, and Other Vegetables.

All Kids were encouraged to smell, taste and feel the texture of all the vegetables that they used to make the rolls. As expected, some kids showed a little hesitation, but with little encouragement they all finally gave in and tried the vegetables that was offered did try all the vegetables that was offered. Lastly, we spent some time and discussed about Sometime foods and Everyday foods.

Working as Team - Some parents have approached me regarding concerns about their kids not making healthy food choices. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a mother of 2 elementary school kids, I understand how hard it can be to convince kids to make healthy food choices. My goal in FEC is to give kids the opportunity to explore multiple healthy foods while still having fun and enabling them to make healthy food choices. To obtain our mutual goal WE need to work together. As part of each class, I am going to encourage the kids to try new foods that can be considered as Everyday foods. I request that you encourage this at home as well. Encourage kids to go with you for grocery shopping and to farmer’s market to learn about seasonal foods.

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